“that’s dope” slang


  1. Excellent, generalized term of approval (dope: Merriam Webster)

  2. To say something is amazing, awesome, cool, nice, impressive, fly and/or dope!


Disclaimer*** H​ere at That's Dope, we believe in being honest, up front, real, expressive, welcoming etc.


That's Dope is about building a creative lifestyle. We believe in living, creating, and expressing in the moment. We encourage you to have fun, be passionate, and confident even if it's not normal.


As we navigate in a world of spontaneity, things are not as they always used to be. Now is the time to act and create.


That's Dope is a growing brand around aspiring and established creatives to push the common thread of passion, creativity, and growth.


Caleb J. Williamson

break the stereotype, be dope.™, not normal

Greensboro, North Carolina         

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