dope pens

dope pens stickers

dope pens stickers

F​or those that can always be found with a notebook, journal, pen, pencil, paper, or maybe all of these, know theres something about the feel and energy of writing things down. In a world where everything is moving digital, dope pens wants to bring awareness to the skill and craftsmanship behind writing and the creative process. Striving to provide unique one of a kind crafted utensils and spread good by inspiring people to be dope.


dope pens™ started out as a personal project, to create ones own writing utensil. This personal project became something more when people began asking about the creations. Not just one for themselves to write with, but as gifts for colleagues, family members, friends, and others. This turned hobby, now passion all started on a whim to find something new and distracting. Craftsmanship and creativity are the core to these genuine handmade products. The exotic materials, unique design, and quality of these pens stand out as one of a kind creations. E​ach pen is handcrafted, down to the selection of the wood and unique designs. Created in downtown Greensboro at the Forge Makerspace using the expansive resources and tools available to community members. Also hand selected just down the road in Gibonsville, NC at The Hardwood Store.


This opportunity allows dope pens™ to donate back to the Forge Makerspace and partner with other creatives and organizations to share and spread a great cause. We hope that every artist, writer, creator, genius, and individual that appreciates the classic form of penmanship enjoys their experience with dope pens. Share the message and do dope things.

When you purchase a creation featuring these materials, the object you receive is indeed truly unique and provided with a certificate of authenticity. It becomes a distinctive symbol of your own character, and an integral part of your living legacy; a rare and precious personality statement that will accompany you for a lifetime before being handed down to another generation. Please note that for these reasons, when you buy a dope pen featuring one of our unique materials, the piece you receive may look different from the one shown here. Making yours a true original one-of-a-kind.